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No, seriously though, if you’re reading this, you’re either lost or bored. Either way, I just want to put a small disclaimer out there right now stating specifically that anything posted here is of a private matter and can be used solely for the purpose of role-playing.

Noir-nia is a joke name and I hope you found it hilarious as I did. Simply put, there are far too many Masquerade/Requiem games by the title of “[Insert City Name] by Night” and I figured some originality was in order.

This chronicle was created for my close, local friends, who have never played a World of Darkness game before. I offered to ST for them in the hopes that they would forever retire their D20s in favor of a better, more thrilling role-playing experience. Since they are brand new to the genre and system, I kept the story short and told them to role-play themselves as newly borne Kindred.

Currently, they have just gone on their first true hunt and they are not shy about killing and leaving a trail of blood behind them… I’m going to have to teach them some manners and a lesson in discretion.

Home Page

The Chronicles of Noir-nia amnislupus